Utility_pole_transformersUtility companies nationwide are challenged by legacy asset management systems filled with inaccurate or outdated data. Without knowing exactly what assets are deployed and precisely where they are located, field operations are way more inefficient than they have to be.

CityScan’s patent-pending process provides managers and field operators with precise details on the assets they care about. By using the most state-of-the-art 3D visual data capturing technology, CityScan can find and precisely geo-located any asset class or identify any field conditions (e.g. wire sag, vegetation encroachment, pole tilt, etc.) more quickly, precisely and inexpensively.

In late 2013, one of the largest power generation companies in the US commissioned CityScan to do a pilot project for data collection and asset extraction of 6 different types of utility infrastructure assets. The results were impressive: a 65% reduction in the cost of inventorying those assets as well as geo-location that was accurate within inches compared to the Company’s own internal data that was off by as much as 10 yards. Learn more…

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